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GUI Innovations Limited is a Software Consultancy business and specialises in client/server applications with special reference to Hewlett-Packard e3000 systems, Microsoft SQL/Server, Windows and Mobile Device development.

The company is very active in the Pocket PC market and Pocket PC and PDA development, specialising in linking your Pocket PC to your corporate network and servers. Pete Vickers was awarded Microsoft MVP status in 2001 for Device Application Development.

GUI Innovations undertakes onsite software and programming consultancy for long or short periods, and bespoke software development. The company is a Hewlett-Packard business partner, and also a Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner. We are a small highly flexible company who take a lot of pride in all the work we do.

In the light of announcements about the future of the HPe3000, we will be continuing to support and develop our HPe3000 products up to and beyond December 2006.
You may be interested in the fact that we already have experience on several migration projects from the HPe3000 platform, to both UNIX and Intel platforms. We also have tools to help in this migration which include GUI3000.

GUI3000 contains a module to migrate Image database structures AND data to an SQL platform, and the software is currently being further extended to provide greater UNIX support, including Pocket PC. GUI3000 also allows you to migrate KSAM and Serial files to SQL platforms.
If you are concerned about migration, please contact us. We are happy to talk about our experiences, and help you plan and execute your migration.
Please contact us for further information.
If you are interested in GUI Innovations migrating your Image database for a fixed fee, please ask for a quote from our Migration Services.

If you wish to discuss any consultancy or development requirements on the PC, Pocket PC or the HPe3000, or, would like to discuss any bespoke software requirements or developments, please e-mail, or give us a call

The founder of GUI Innovations, Pete Vickers, has been in the software industry for over 25 years, and an independent consultant for the past 11 years, working for ‘household name’ companies.
GUI Innovations was formed due to the success of the authors’ main software product GUI3000.

GUI3000 is a ground breaking product for the HPe3000. It puts a ‘windows’ front end on your HPe3000, giving the user full access to the familiar ‘windows’ look and feel, whilst allowing them to control the HPe3000. GUI3000 also supports UNIX systems, and is now available for the Pocket PC.

GUI3000 is now solely distributed by Gainsborough Software. For further details, please check out GUI3000's features, functionality on our products page. Evaluation CD’s can be obtained from our Distributors, or downloaded here.

This site is designed to give you an insight into our business, and places special emphasis on our products:- GUI3000, GUI3000 for Pocket PC, Pocket RDA (Remote Data Access), CeSockets.dll, a Winsock API wrapper for eVB programmers and Pocket Menus, a VB menu code generator for eVB programmers. It also includes our latest products, SqlLinkCE, RemoteSQLCE, (including the newRemoteSQLCe.DLL), SqlLink3000, and PocketSQLGen

There are links to HPe3000 sites that I find particularly useful, and some code samples for the HPe3000, Visual Basic, and eVB for the Pocket PC. There are also several articles written by Pete Vickers on deVBuzz concerning the Pocket PC and TCP/IP programming.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to being of service to you.

Manipulate ALL versions of your SQLMobile database from your PC desktop

Access your SQL databases DIRECT
From your Pocket PC


Migrate your evb forms to VB.Net or C#

Access your SQL databases DIRECT
From your HPe3000