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GUI Innovations currently market several products. GUI3000 and its companion product GUI3000 for Pocket PC are marketed through our distributors. Pocket RDA, CESockets Pocket Menus PocketSqlGen Pocket Language Manager RemoteSQLCe, SqlLinkCE and eVBToDotNetForms are all marketed directly.
GUI3000 was the first software to put a ‘Windows’ front-end on the HPe3000 in 1996, and it has progressed much since then. The main features of GUI3000 are:-

  • Find, View and Sort files by Name, Date, Size, Creator, etc. 
  • Select, Copy, Move/Rename, Purge files
  • Create/Modify/Purge Accounts, Groups and Users
  • Manage Spool files, Jobs and Sessions
  • Show Image Databases Items and item usage
  • View and Extract data from Image DB without ODBC
  • Monitor and Change DB Capacities with the ‘Adager’-link.
  • Execute MPE and Mpex/3000 commands
  • Support for VESOFT’s Security/3000 and Streamx
  • View, Chart and Analyse disc space utilisation in 3-D
  • Stream and schedule jobs
  • View and Edit files with built-in Editor
  • Search files on your HPe3000 by any parameter
  • New version:
  • System Monitor - scan events across all your connected servers and be forewarned of potential problems
  • Console Logs screen - examine/filter, print logs from all connected systems
  • Device Screen - control devices, with spooling, ‘up’ and ‘down’ commands
  • Spool File Explorer – now supports export to HTML, Text and PDF formats, and offers e-mail capability
  • UNIX systems and HFS directories are also fully supported – move files between HPe3000 and HP9000s
  • … and do it ALL by simple Click, Drag and Drop!

GUI3000 was reviewed in the March 2001 edition of HP3000 Newswire. Read what the review had to say here or explore the features of GUI3000

GUI3000 for Pocket PC is a new product, allowing the same point and click control of your HPe3000 as GUI3000. It takes full advantage of ‘point and click’ to minimise the effort needed to control the HPe3000 from a mobile device.
GUI3000 for Pocket PC will work with IRDA through your mobile phone, via a standard dial-up connection, and via ethernet. The main features of GUI3000 for Pocket PC are:-

  • Manage Spool files, view their output and save it locally
  • Manage jobs and sessions, save $stdlist locally
  • Execute MPE and Mpex/3000 commands
  • Support for VESOFT’s Security/3000
  • Console Logs screen - examine console logs
  • System Monitor - show any outstanding events on your server
  • Built in ‘simple’ Telnet terminal emulator, allowing connection to UNIX in addition to HPe3000

GUI3000 for Pocket PC has everything you will need to control your system ‘on the road’. You can interactively explore the features of GUI3000 for Pocket PC

Read the ‘PDAs handle e3000 administration’ article from The e3000 NewsWire July 2001 edition.

RemoteSQLCe allows you to maintain and enquire on ALL variances of Microsofts’ SqlMobile.

SqlLinkCE allows you to access ANY ODBC compliant database from your PocketPC using our SqlLinkCE Serve.

eVBToDotNetForms helps you migrate from eVB to VB.Net or C# for the compact framework.

Pocket RDA allows remote database access from your Pocket PC. Ideal for DBA’s, tech support personnel, and anyone who needs remote access to their data. Full details of Pocket RDA are available here.

CeSockets.dll allows eVB programmers to use the power of the Winsock API programmatically. More details can be found on the CeScockets page.CeSockets.dll is supported on Pocket PC for the ARM, SH3, MIPS and x86em processors. If it is not available for your particular Pocket PC, please contact us at to discuss your requirements.

Pocket Menus allows you to design or use existing VB menus, and generate eVB code