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RemoteSQLCe.dll is a com object that allows you to harness the full power of RemoteSQLCe in your own programs. Virtually everything you can do with RemoteSQLCe, you can do with RemoteSQLCe.dll under your own control. RemoteSQLCe.dll has been tested using VB.Net and VB6.

The power of this dll allows you to synchroncise any database with a PPC if you wish, using your own code. Read from a SqlCE database on a Pocket PC and update your Access/MySql/Oracle database easily.

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Get all this power in a dll, and use it from your own code.

The dll can be purchased as a separate product for $79.99, or can be purchased with RemoteSQLCe for $99.99, a saving of $10, and can be purchased here, or a 30 day trial can be downloaded from here.

Download help file and manual

Methods supported are:-

  • Close_Database
  • Close_Connection
  • Compress_Database
  • Connect_To_Server
  • Create_Database
  • Drop_Database
  • Initialise
  • List_Bases
  • List_Tables
  • Listen_For_Connection
  • Movenext
  • Open_Database
  • Execute (allows you to execute standard SQL statements against your SQLCE database)