John Gradwell


The memoir they've all been waiting for

Funnybone, by Frankie Funnybone – edited by John Gradwell.

Volume 1, 1915-39 and 1945-51

I never knew my father. You see, I was born in November 1915, nine months after Mum had tearfully waved her devoted husband Leslie off to the Western Front – and found immediate comfort in the arms of an illegal bookmaker called Pobjoy. She never saw him again … or her winnings for that matter.”

At the age of 96, former music hall great Frankie Funnybone has decided to write his memoirs. This first volume of four sees Frankie mistaking Wallis Simpson for Jimmy Jewell, saving Neville Chamberlain from murderous Nazis in Munich and ensuring his posh pals Burgess and Maclean get off safely on their foreign holiday. Oh, and getting married at Balmoral with the King as his best man.


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