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HP Links

This page contains links to interesting HP3000 sites I either know or have come across in my wanderings. If you know of any good sites I am missing, please let me know.

Gainsborough Software purveyors of GUI3000 and other fine software,including Time Warp and MPEX from VESoft. Browse the VESoft articles, as well as Gainsboroughs own articles on VESoft products. Find yourself a new job with Gainsborough selection.

Whispertech Home site of the tremendous Programmers Studio. Makes HP3000 development a breeze, and runs multi-platform. Check it out!!

Adager are the authors of the database manager of the same name. As with Robelle, Alfredo Rego is renown in the HP market as a guru. The Adager site contains links to other interesting HP related sites, plus a selection of Adagers always interesting papers. Technical Papers

Robelle Consulting are justifiably respected for their views and knowledge about HP systems, and their excellent software. SUPRTOOL is a fast, flexible and very fast database and file extract tool. It does many other things as well, in fact too many things to go into detail here. For more information, click on the SUPRTOOL link. QEDIT is the 'de facto' full screen editor for HP systems, and is in use on many HP3000 sites word wide. Take a look at the proceedings of the SMUG (Seldom Met User Group), and at their newsletter, What's Up Doc?.

3k Associates is a great source of HP information on Products, Vendors, HP Freeware etc.

HP3000 News Wire News and views on the HP3000 market.

HP3000 Home site. Pick up news on the HP3000, documentation and freeware

John Dunlops HP3000 Links Page A mine of HP3000 links and information, including links to lots of documentation

DISC are the providers of Omnidex, the excellent third-party indexing tool.

3kWorld - A mine of information about the HP3000 and activities

The HP3000 newsgroup listserver. Answers to all sorts of questions about the HP3000, answered by the HP30000 community. Search the list group.

AICS Research for QCTerm, the free Terminal Emulator

Newcorp for your HPe3000 and HP9000 hardware requirements and maintenance.