John Gradwell

Frankie Funnybone Rocks!

The first three chapters of Funnybone are available for review on The Arts Council sponsored site ensures that reviews are completely unbiased by randomly assigning them to members – unlike the literary establishment, where friends often queue up to praise each other’s work, regardless of quality. Funnybone quickly progressed on to the site’s best-seller list, gaining many excellent reviews.

Here are short extracts from some of the fifty-odd assigned reviews that Funnybone has received on YouWriteOn.

“Certainly the most original and entertaining read I’ve come across on YWO. I loved Frankie’s voice and think his character comes across really well.”
Kate Braithwaite, award-winning novelist

“I thought this a really delightful piece and, mainly because of the strength of the narrator’s voice, wanted to read on.”
Lindsay Hawdon, award-winning journalist and writer

“Of all the pieces on YWO this is probably the closest to being of a professional, publishable standard. It reminded me of Brass … which was written by my Dad.
Sebastian Roach

Other YWO reviewers said:  

“Fantastic read … leaves you wanting to read more which I will if it’s published.”

“I have scored this the highest I have scored anything so far … and I don’t usually choose humorous fiction.”   

“I am a huge fan of P.G. Wodehouse and now I am a fan of Frankie too.”  

“Now this is really unusual for me but I did not want your work to end. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your writing. It was witty, funny and had some great one- liners.”  

“There is some refreshingly original phrasing in this story. It is the best so far of the 30 odd that I have read.”  

“I thoroughly enjoyed this and laughed like a drain all the way through.”  

“The language is lovely, especially to these American ears. I am unfamiliar with so many of the colloquialisms, however your skill at presenting dialogue is acute and the meanings are fun to surmise.”   

“This is exactly the book I would buy if it was on sale.”  

“Brilliant, John, I gave you mostly 5’s because you deserve to be published.”  

“I was brought up on Brass and Ripping Yarns and accordingly have a proclivity for northern documentary. My proclivity was happily exercised here. This is a delight.”